How to get people interested in environmentalism

The results of our neglect of our environment are all too apparent as we have seen the death and destruction that has resulted from climate change, frequent floods and mood slides, severe droughts, raising of the ocean tides as well as reclining of tides and so on globally. However, with this apparent clear evidence, most people are still not getting concerned or passionate about environmentalism.

The question becomes, what can we environmentalists do to get people more interested in the quest to save planet earth?

In this article, I am going to share with you 5 ideas on how to get people interested in environmentalism.

1 Apply some creativity in your messaging

As is the case with human nature, people will only get interested in a cause if the problem directly affects them or those close to them. This is usually a problem when it comes to issues to do with the environment because most people haven’t really directly experienced the repercussions of environmental degradation, and when they do, they don’t see a direct link to their acts of commission or omission. It’s therefore important to work on messaging that drives this point home.


2 Focus on providing solutions

Yes, planet earth is on the brink of destruction if man doesn’t change his ways when it comes to protecting his environment. However, this kind of messaging isn’t the best way to get people interested in environmentalism. According to human psychology experts, scare tactics are usually not the best way to inspire action because they mostly cause people to recline and get defensive. You are likely to become more successful if you focus on calling people to action with practical solutions in mind.

3 Make people realize that even a little contribution makes a difference

A number of environmental campaigns make the work of an environmentalist appear too complex and not for the ordinary citizen because they focus too much on the big picture forgetting that even the big picture is made up of small components. When trying to get ordinary people involved in environmentalism, it’s a good idea to emphasize their action however small will make a difference and its way better than not taking any form of action at all.

4 Don’t turn it into a debate

The reality on the ground is that not everyone believes that the environmental situation is as bad as we environmentalists make it sound. It’s therefore okay to understand that people will have different points of view and that they are entitled to them. It’s therefore not a good idea to turn environmental conservation into a debate but rather accept divergent opinion. At the end of the day, we’ll eventually still need to work together to save our planet.

5 Make good use of social media

The reality about the world we are living in today is that it’s driven by trends and what’s popular among the masses. This therefore means that social media is a good tool for an environmentalist to use to get people interested in our causes. If we can make conservation trendy, you can be guaranteed that many people are likely to participate.

I trust that this has been an insightful piece that will come in handy the next time you are working towards getting people to participate in your cause to save planet earth.