Here are the 3 main benefits of biodiversity

Biodiversity is one of the most important aspects of environmental conservation and is one of the things that make nature amazing. The fact that there are millions of different species coexisting on planet earth with each of them playing an important role in ensuring the sustenance of the planet is mindboggling. Nature happens to be the most perfect system in existence.

It’s therefore very important for us to ensure that this biodiversity is well maintained especially considering that fact that a number of species are currently under threat as a result of environmental degradation. Through this article, I am going to briefly highlight some of the benefits of biodiversity.

Here are the 3 main benefits of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is critical for the sustenance of living creatures

Nature is a perfectly balanced system with a well-defined food chain. Each organism that exists is fed on by other organism and this food chain is sustained by the fact that there’s not a scenario where more predators exist in comparison to prey and vice versa. The production and consumption system is perfectly aligned. It’s for this reason that life on earth is sustained.

However, this sustenance may be under threat as a result of the dying of certain species in the food chain. With the extinction of these species, a chain reaction is likely to result from the misalignment in the food chain therefore resulting in the death of other species therefore affecting the sustenance of living creatures.

Biodiversity preserves life on earth

Nature is made up of extremes however thanks to biodiversity, balance is usually restored and this results in the saving of species on earth. For instance, areas that receive too much rainfall will always have a lot of forests and these help to create a catchment area for the water therefore it doesn’t affect species downstream. If the forests did not exist to hold this excess water, it would result in very destructive flooding incidents as have been witnessed in recent times.

With this understanding, you are now better placed to appreciate the value of afforestation and other forest reclamation interventions. It’s very clear that when you interfere with the balance of nature, the consequences never take too long to be felt.

Biodiversity is the reason for the earth’s natural beauty

We all have an appreciation for the tranquility that nature has to offer. The different plants and animals we see, large or small, each with their own individual appeal and when put together, provide an even more amazing appeal, are the result of biodiversity. If we don’t play an active role in preserving biodiversity then we are likely to lose all this beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. When we look at this issue from this perspective, we realize that we have our work cut out for us.

With such benefits to biodiversity, it should make a lot more sense to you if you are not an environmentalist why we are passionate about preserving our environment. There’s so much importance and value in ensuring that nature remains unaltered because the ripple effect of interfering with the balance of nature can have catastrophic results.

I trust that you are now well informed and more invigorated to play your part as an environmentalist.