4 reasons why environmentalism is important

As environmentalists, we have always faced an element of criticism that our proposals for environmental conservation are too drastic and that we exaggerate the current threats that are facing planet earth as far as the environment is concerned. What I can say on behalf of other environmentalists is that this criticism is unfounded and can’t be further from the truth.

Planet earth is under threat and if we don’t play an active role in saving her then we are all doomed. Through this article, I want to share with you 4 reasons why environmentalism is important.

1 Prevention has always been better than cure

Many of the health problems that are on the increase today globally such as cancers, cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems, reproductive problems and neurological problems can trace their roots to environmental problems such as pollution of our air, water sources, food and so on. In as much as there are some really good medical breakthroughs to address such health problems, they are too expensive. The easiest and cheapest solution is taking better care of our environment. 

2 Everyone is affected in equal measure

The reality about the effects of environmental degradation is that however far you are from the source of the contamination, these effects will soon catch up with you. A good example is global warming which is believed to have been brought about by the rapid unchecked industrialization in the developed world however the effects of global warming are being felt by even non-industrialized nations. This goes to show that you can’t afford to bury your head in the sand when it comes to environmental issues.    

3 Future generations need our help

The effects we are feeling today with regards to environmental degradation will be worse for future generations if the situation remains unchecked. I don’t believe you want to deliberately leave the world a worse place to be in for your children and their children. If you don’t do anything to save the environment then I can guarantee you that your children will suffer most of the consequences of your inaction.

4 It’s your responsibility as a citizen of this planet

We usually take many things for granted such as the fresh air that we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the ground we walk on and so on. All these are things that planet earth gives us for free. It’s therefore very irresponsible of us not to want to play an active role in showing some gratitude to planet earth by playing an active role in taking care of our environment. It’s therefore your responsibility by virtue of being alive to be an environmentalist.

I do hope that the points I have raised above have been compelling enough to inspire you to start playing an active role in caring for your environment. You can’t wait for someone to come and clean after you, as that has to be a conscious decision you make on your own.

Start at home, and slowly instill these habits in your family members and gradually to your community members. The snowball effect of this is going to have a tremendous impact in saving our planet one citizen at a time.