These are the 4 biggest threats to our environment

As we talk about environmentalism and encourage each and every citizen of planet earth to play an active role in saving our planet, it’s important for people to know and fully understand the threats that our planet faces. Once they have a better understanding, they may be in a better position to know what role they can each play and precisely how they can play it.

In this article, I am going to share with you what we as environmentalists feel are the biggest threats to our environment today.

These are the 4 biggest threats to our environment.

1 The challenge of climate change

The moment you mention the word environment, the first thing that comes to mind is climate change. It’s a reality that weather patterns are not as they used to be in the past. Today, the weather is becoming more and more erratic and harsh, and this can be blamed on climate change which is a direct effect of environmental degradation. The truth is that we environmentalists dropped the ball for a couple of decades and didn’t do enough to bring attention to climate change until things got bad.

2 The challenge of deforestation

As the population on planet earth grows, so does the pressure to find settlements. Unfortunately, the victim has ended up being our forests. Trees are being cut faster than they are being planted as they still remain one of the leading sources of raw material for construction. Unfortunately for us, trees provide catchment for our water towers and are also directly responsible for rainfall. The more we cut them, the more we interfere with our natural sources of water.

3 The challenge of pollution

Rapid industrialization and urbanization has created a lot of demand for energy as well as increased the production of harmful industrial waste. The challenge with energy demands is that not all energy sources being used are clean and this therefore results in the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The same is applicable to harmful industrial effluents which are released into the environment and they end up contaminating the air, water as well as soils.

4 An unchecked population growth

As a result of various socioeconomic factors, the human population has grown faster than the earth is capable of sustaining. This has ended up putting too much pressure on the earth and is actually one of the main underlying drivers to the three threats we have discussed above. A number of countries have tried controlling their population growth but this has resulted in some very negative effects. This is one of those areas that man does not seem to have control over.

We strongly believe that these threats should be treated as a matter of urgency and any activity we engage in that is geared towards environmental conservation must be targeted at addressing the above four issues.

The success of our efforts will require coordinated efforts from each and every citizen from all the corners of planet earth. I trust that you are ready and willing to play your part.